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Excipient (click on links) Use Vaccine
Aluminum Hydroxide Adjuvant Anthrax (BioThrax), DTaP (Certiva, Infanrix, Acel-Imune), DT (Massachusetts), Td (Massachusetts), Hib (PedvaxHib), Hib-Hepatitis B (Comvax), Hepatitis A (Havrix, Vaqta), Hepatitis B (Engerix-B, Recombivax- HB), Lyme disease (LymeRix), Human Papillomavirus (Gardasil)
Aluminum Phosphate Adjuvant DTaP (Acel-Immune), DtwP (Massachusetts, BioPort), DT (Wyeth-Lederle), Td (Massachusetts, Wyeth-Lederle), Pneumococcal (Prevnar), Rabies (BioRab), Human papillomavirus (Gardasil)
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate Adjuvant DtaP (Tripedia), DTwP (Aventis Pasteur), DT (Aventis Pasteur,), Td (Aventis Pasteur)
Amino Acids Growth medium Hepatitis A (Havrix), Typhoid oral (Vivotif)
Ammonium Sulfate Protein fractionation Hib (Act-HIB)
Amphotericin B Anti-bacterial Rabies
Ascorbic Acid Antioxidant Typhoid oral (Vivotif)
Bacto-peptone Growth medium Influenza (varies seasonally)
Beta-propiolactone Viral inactivator Influenza (Fluvirin), Rabies (Imovax, RabAvert)
Benzethonium Chloride Preservative Anthrax (BioThrax)
Bovine (of cow) albumin or serum Growth medium, protein stabilizer Hepatitis A (Havrix, Vaqta), Poliovirus attenuated (Orimune), Rabies (Imovax, RabAvert), Vaccinia (DryVax), Varicella (Varivax)
Brilliant Green Dye Vaccinia (DryVax)
Chlortetracycline Anti-bacterial Rabies (RabAvert), Vaccinia (DryVax)
DNA Manufacturing residue Hepatitis A (Vaqta)
Ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid sodium (EDTA) Preservative Rabies (RabAvert), Varicella (Varivax)
Egg Protein Growth medium Influenza (all brands), Yellow fever (YF-Vax)
Fetuin (a bovine serum protein) Affinity ligand for chromatography DTaP (Certiva)
Formaldehyde, formalin Anti-microbial, preservative Anthrax (BioThrax), DTaP (all brands), DTwP (all brands), DtwP-Hib (Tetramune), Dt (all brands), Td (all brands), Hepatits A (Havrix, Vaqta), Hib (ActHIB), Influenza (Fluogen, FluShield, Fluzone), Japanese encephalitis (JE-Vax), Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol)
Gelatin Stabilizer in freeze-drying, solvent DtaP (Acel-Imune, Tripedia), Influenza (Fluzone), Japanese encephalitis (JE-Vax), Measles (Attenuvax), Mumps (Mumpsvax), Rubella (Meruvax II), MMR (MMR-II), Rabies (RabAvert), Typhoid oral (Vivotif), Varicella (Varivax), Yellow fever (YF-Vax)
Gentamicin Anti-bacterial Influenza (FluShield)
Glycerin Solvent Vaccinia (DryVax)
Glycine Protein stabilizer DTaP (Acel-Imune), DtwP-Hib (Tetramune), DT (most brands), Td (most brands)
Human serum albumin Growth medium Rabies (Imovax)
Hydrochloric Acid Adjust pH DTaP (most brands), DT (most brands)
Hydrogen Peroxide Toxin detoxifier DTaP (Certiva)
Kanamycin Anti-bacterial Lyme disease (LymeRix)
Lactose Stabilizer in freeze-drying, filling BCG (Tice), Hib (some packages), Meningococcal (Menomune), Typhoid oral (Vivotif)
Magnesium stearate Lubricant for capsule filling Typoid oral (Vivotif)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Stabilizer Varicella (Varivax)
Mouse Serum Protein Growth medium Japanese encephalitis (JE-Vax)
MRC-5 cellular protein (live aborted fetal tissue) Growth medium Hapetatis A (Havrix, Vaqta), Rabies (Imovax, RabAvert), Varicella (Varivax, Zostavax)
Neomycin Anti-bacterial Influenza (Fluvirin), Measles (Attenuvax), Mumps (Mumpsvax), Rubella (Meruvax II), MMR (MMR-II), Poliovirus attenuated (Oimune), Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol), Rabies (Imovax RabAvert), Vaccinia (DyVax), Varicella (Varivax)
Ovalbumin Growth medium Rabies (RabAvert)
Phenol Preservative, anti-bacterial Pneumococcal (Pneumovax-23), Typhoid inactivated (Typhim Vi), Vaccinia (DryVax)
Phenol red (phenolsulfonphthalein) pH indicator, dye Poliovirus attenuated (Orimune), Rabies (Imovax)
2-Phenoxyethanol Preservative DTaP (Infanrix), Hepatitis A (Havrix), Lyme disease (LymeRix), Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol)
Phosphate buffers (eg, disodium, monosodium, potassium, sodium dihydrogen phosphate) Adjust pH DtaP (all brands), DT (most brands), Hib (Act-Hib, Hepatitis A (Havrix), Hepatitis B (Engerix-B), Lyme disease (LymeRix), Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol), Rabies (BioRab), Typhoid inactivated (Typhim Vi), Varicella (Varivax)
Polydimethylsilozone Anti-foaming agent Tyhpoid inactivated (Tyhim Vi)
Polyethylen glycol p-isooctylphynyl ether (Triton X-100) Nomionic surfactant (viral inactivation) Influenza (Fluzone)
Polymyxin B Anti-bacterial influenza (Fluvirin), Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol), Vaccinia (DryVax)
Polyoxyethylene 9-10 nonyl phenol (Triton N-101, OCTOXYNOL 9) Nonionic surfactant (viral inactivation) Influenza (Fluvirin)
Polysorbate 20 Surfactant Hepatitis A (Havrix)
Polysorbate 80 Surfactant DTaP (Acel-Imune, Infanrix, Tripedia), Influenza (Fluogen), Human Papillomavirus (Gardasil)
Potassium Glutamate Stabilizer Rabies (RabAvert)
Silicon Anti-foaming agent Lume disease (LymeRix)
Sodium Acetate Adjust pH DT (some brands), Td (some brands)
Sodium Borate Adjust pH Hepatitis A (Vaqta), Hib-Hepatitis B (Comvax), Human papillomavirus (Gardasil)
Sodium Chloride Adjust tonicity Most vaccines, including Anthrax, BCG, Cholera, DTaP, DTwP, DtwP-Hib, DT, Td, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hib, Influenza, Lyme disease, Pneumococcal, Polio inactivated, Rabies, Typhoid inactivated, Varicella, Yellow fever, Human papillomavirus (Gardasil)
Sodium hydroxide Adjust pH DT (most brands), Td (most brands)
Sorbitol Stabilizer, solvent Measles (Attenuvax), Mumps (Mumpsvax), Rubella (Meruvax II), MMR (MMR-II), Polio attenuated, Yellow fever (YF-Vax)
Streptomycin Anti-bacterial Influenza (Fluogen), Poliovirus attenuated (Orimune), Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol), Vaccinia (DryVax [dihydrostreptomycine])
Sucrose Stabilizer in freeze-drying Hib (Act-HIB), Typhoid oral (Vivotif), Varicella (Varivax)
Thimerosal Preservative in some multidose containers (see package labeling for precise content) DTaP (some containers), DTwP (most containers), DT (most brands), Td (most brands), Hepatitis B (some packages), Hib (some packages), Influenza (all brands), Japanese encephalitis (JE-Vax), Meningococcal (Menomune), Pneumococcal (Pnu-Imune 23), Rabies (BioRab)
Tri(n)butylphosphate Viral inactivator Influenza (FluShield)
Vitamins Unspecified Growth medium Rabies (Imovax)
Yeast Protein Growth medium Hepatitis B (Engerix-B, Recombivax-HB), Hib (HibTiter), Hib-Hepatitis B (Comvax)


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Vaccine_Production Media

(On which bacteria and viruses are replicated)

Vaccine Culture Media Vaccine(s)
Bovine (of cow) protein Pneumococcal (Pneumovax-23, Pnu-Imune 23), Poliovirus attenuated (Orimune), Typhoid oral (Vivotif)
Calf skin Vaccinia (DryVax)
Chick embryo fibroblast tissue culture Measles (Attenuvax), Mumps (Mumpsvax), combination vaccines containing them, Rabies (RabAvert)
Chicken embryo (fertizlied egg) influenza (all brands), Yellow fever (YF-Vax)
Cohen-Wheeler, modified (pertussis components) DTaP (alternate is Stainer-Scholte media), DtwP (most brands, alternate is Bordet-Gengou media)
Escherichia coli (E Coli) Lyme disease (LymeRix)
Human diploid tissue culture, MRC-5 Hepattis A (Havrix, Vaqta), Poliovirus inactivated (Poliovax), Rabies (Imovax), Varicella (Varivax)
Human diploid tissue culture, WI-38 Rubella (Meruvax II), combination vaccines containing it, Varicella (Varivax)
Lathman DtaP (Infanrix, tetanus component)
Linggoud-Fenton DTaP (Infanrix, diphtheria component)
Monkey kidney tissue culture, Cercopithecus Poliovirus attenuated (Orimune)
Monkey kidney tissue culture, Vero (Vervet or African green monkeys) Poliovirus inactivated (Ipol)
Mouse brain Japanese encephalitis (JE-Vax)
Mueller-Miller media Diphtheria and tetanus vaccines (most brands)
Rhesus fetal lung tissue culture Rabies (BioRab)
Stainer-Scholte DTaP (Infanrix, pertussis component)
Soy peptone broth Pneumococcal (Prevnar)
Synthetic/semi-synthetic Anthrax (BioThrax), BCG (Tice), DT (all brands), Td (all brands), Hib (all brands), Meningococcal (Menomune), Penumococcal (Pneumovax-23, Pnu-Imune 23), Typhoid inactivated (Typhim Vi)
Yeast or yeast extract Hepatits B (Engerix-B, Recombivax-HB), Hib (HiTiter), Hib-Hepatitis B (Comvax), Lyme disease (LymeRix)




















Ingredients and growth medium list can be found at CDC's vaccine page.  Look under excipients.

MUELLER-HINTON Agar (growth media)-meningococcal

Watson Scherp (growth media)-meningococcal


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